• How long does the course validation last?

    There are free courses and paid courses, you will always have the access to the paid course on our website after the payment, free course is always available.

  • What's the available payment method?

    So far, we only accept PayPal, we are developing more payment methods.

  • How can we contact the mentor after finishing the course?

    We create a community for every course, you can ask questions there or join the CJdropshipping Facebook group.

  • Can I apply for a refund after the payment?

    Sorry, we don't support refunds after the payment. After you pay us, the fee will be distributed to the instructors.

  • If I come across problems when using your platform, who should I connect to?

    You could directly send an email message to partnership@cjdropshipping.info or park@cjdropshipping.co.