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Potential course for beginners

Patrice Saint-Juste

I know Elliott from YouTube. He is a great guy sharing great tips on his channel. As for this course, he shared great tips on how to do niche research and influencer marketing to promote the store. That’s amazing. Thanks, Elliot

Shopify Store Owner

Sarah Chin

Demi did a great job in teaching me how to work with CJdropshipping to start my online business. The information was very clear and complete.

Great course and very helpful

Patrice Saint-Juste

Gurkan did an amazing job by teaching me how I can run a successful business from scratch. I was shocked seeing how he made profits by using Facebook ads with just 4 simple strategies with $5/day. I thought dropshipping wasn’t a profitable business model cause I spent more than I made. So Today I discover why I was losing so much money. I have learned a lot from him. Thank you so much!
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