About the course

In this video editing course you will learn how to edit videos from raw clips to TikTok pop-up videos.we have covered all main features of TikTok's pop-up video editing like cutting, trimming, transitions, enhancing, speed up and so on.

  • Master CapCut and be CONFIDENT Editing Your Own TikTok Videos

  • Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using the simplest and most practical technique

  • Get professional tips and tricks throughout the whole course

  • Produce perfect TokTok work with just a mobile phone

  1. 1
    • Meet the CapCut interface

    • How to adjust clip length

    • Multi-track logic introduction

    • How to split the clip

    • How to mute video

    • Add text label animation

    • Text reading function

    • How to set canvas scale

    • Overlay

    • Basic variable speed function

    • Curve variable speed

    • How to use the mask

    • How to use text font

    • How to add special effects

    • Clipping function

    • Clip replacement

    • Sound change effect

    • How to create multi-screen effects

    • How to make parallel worlds

    • How to make pull mirror effect

    • Commonly used variety sounds


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Kiahwee He

Taught 5,000 students in TikTok growth strategy. Only teach practical techniques and down-to-earth strategies that everyone can implement. Chief of TK Growth Club - probably the world's biggest TikTok academy. Specialized in TikTok growth marketing, mentoring, and CEO of Yoyo cross-border e-commerce company. Consultant of GD Cross-border E-Commerce Association. Member of the expert pool of ZJ province E-Commerce Promotion Association. Senior lecturer of Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) social-Media Business School. Special lecturer of KanKan Business School/Shopline Business School.