About the course

We gonna study 45 TOP cases from Douyin, TikToker's older brother where millions of creators have already made $1500 billion e-commerce sales 2020. Through those top cases, you will find out all successful creators, regardless where they are based, all use similar strategies - the Blockbuster Viral Strategies.

  • Know how to grow your followers rapidly

  • The latest official strategic information

  • Executional, operation tools

  • Continuously updating case database

  • Grow your skillset and be ahead of the market

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Problems Growing Your TikTok? The Answers Start Here...

    • Blockbuster Growth Strategy and How It Solves Your Follower Count Problem

  2. 2
    • Our Experience and Our Expertize Preview

    • Our Students and Their Success Preview

  3. 3
    • What You Get from Our Course? More than Anyone Else Can Offer!

  4. 4
    • What is Douyin and How to Use it for Explosive TikTok Growth

    • Facts revealed -These Influencers Made Millions

    • Where's the Best Data to Power Your TikTok Growth?

    • Dissect Douyin Cases and Use it for Your TikTok

    • This Case Shows How to succeed on TikTok Without Even Showing Your Face

  5. 5
    • Is Your Account Stuck in a Growth Bottleneck? Here's How You Break It

    • 16 Million Followers Just From Makeup Tutorials? Learn from Her

    • How One Creator Differentiated Her Content, Beat Her Competitors

    • Forget About Dancing and Lip-Syncing! Learn How to Monetize in a Vertical Niche

    • Fancy Video Editing? Who Needs It? This Dude Gain 10m followers Just by Talking

    • Are You an Expert in Anything? This Case Will Give Content Making Ideas

    • Contrast! Contrast! Contrast! TikTokers Who Know How to Use It Can't Stop Growin

    • Try This Easy-to-Monetize Niche Now And Get Ahead!

    • Living in a City is Enough to Make Profitable TikTok Content

    • Change the Way You Look at Everyday Life, and Your Follower Count Will Grow

    • Think You Really Understand Account Positioning? Really?

  6. 6
    • Boost Production Output? Efficiency Tools Only Insider Know

  7. 7
    • Bonus Lecture


450m followers TikToker/mentor

Kyler Johnson

Specialized in TikTok growth marketing, mentoring, and co-founder of Yoyo cross-border e-commerce company. Taught 5,000 students in TikTok growth strategy. Only teach practical techniques and down-to-earth strategies that everyone can implement.