About the course

In this 10 episodes program, we will train you from a total beginner with zero e-commerce experience to become a profitable dropshipper to provide a better living to the loved ones.

  • You will learn how to manage an online business using a smartphone.

  • You will learn how to unlock the big-next-wave-economy – the 1 global trend that up for grab NOW, and how to WIN from the trend TODAY and for decades to come.

  • You will learn the simplest way to move your business online - you'll be shocked at how few business owners are talking about this.

  • You will learn the #1 skill you must have in the Digital Age to become a highly-respected, well-connected business-growth catalyst.


  1. 1
    • Episode 1 Why sell on shopee_CL-Vastle

  2. 2
    • Episode 2a Kick start your Shopee journey

    • Episode 2b Mandatory setting in Shopee Seller Centre

    • Episode 2c How to list your first product in Shopee

  3. 3
    • Episode 3 Explore in demand niche

  4. 4
    • Episode 4a How to find winning product to sell in Shopee

    • Episode 4b How to source for Dependable supply

  5. 5
    • Episode 5 How to start dropshipping in Shopee

  6. 6
    • Episode 6 How to increase ecommerce sales quickly

  7. 7
    • Episode 7 How to boost sales for free

  8. 8
    • Episode 8 How to engage with your shoppers for Free

  9. 9
    • Episode 9 How to increase your store traffic

  10. 10
    • Episode 10 How effectively use Social Media to grow Ecommerce business

Vernette NG

Vernette is an award-winning 5-figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Asia Ecommerce Speaker & Ecommerce Coach. As a seasoned eCommerce expert, she founded Ecommerce Entrepreneur Academy, an eCommerce online mastery that gives entrepreneurs a path to begin their eCommerce journey, grow their businesses, and become experts in the field. Vernette is also a Chartered Accountant and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate. In addition to managing multiple businesses, she provides consulting to small business owners.